Construction & Grading





Possum Creek

  • Client needed paved access to multiple homes.
  • We installed golf cart paths and drainage swales.



  • Client in downtown area had cattle that needed to be able to cross a blue line stream.  
  • We installed a cattle crossing according to NRCS specs.



  • The ponds in one of our HOA accounts had an accumulation of leaves and silt in their ponds so we dredged the ponds.  Fun!!



  • A client in the Riverview area had a landmark tree in the area of building construction.
  • We installed a boulder tree well to save a specimen White Oak.



  • Client had a drainage issue that was causing erosion on some of their roads. 
  • Installed over 400ft of 30 Inch drain tile to catch storm water and repaired the road from storm water damage.



New Construction & Grading Project

  • Working for a general contractor.
  • Built over 2,000 ft of road.
  • Dug the basement and footers.
  • Performed all final grading.